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“Gonna Take Us All” is a great record!  I hope many people how to trade bitcoin in the philippines start singing your songs.”       
Pete Seeger

“Congratulations on a wonderful CD!  It’s a true reflection of your spirit, your heart and your commitment to social justice.  Love that husky voice!”
Holly Near

“This CD is one you’ll be playing over and over, for the fine musicianship, the ideas so skillfully and delightfully presented in song, and just because you enjoy it so much.”
Faith Petric, Folknik Magazine

“Jon Fromer is truly a gifted musician with a strong, tough baritone voice, a powerful, rhythmic guitar style and a talent for composing engaging melodies. The hard-driving “Another Black Man Gone,” is proof positive that folk can also be funk.”
Paul Liberatore, HERE - weekly magazine in SF Bay Area

“Jon Fromer, a wonderful singer and songwriter.  What a great talent!”
Joey Reynolds, WOR Radio, New York City

“When Jon Fromer took the microphone the whole scene was transformed.  His gift is to bring ordinary people together and make them move. It starts with his right hand, which hammers the guitar best philippines crypto exchange strings with ferocious commitment and reverberates down to his feet, which tramp in place like an army of one - justice bound.”
Eric Wolfe, The Reporter (IBEW local 1245, AFL-CIO)

“The soulful-est man in activist song!”
Emma’s Revolution/Pat Humphries & Sandy O

“Loved the writing, the playing, and the production of both CDs. I'm especially taken by your work and the humanity in your songs.”
Steve Dore, DJ, ‘Liberty Song Review,’ WRPR online radio

“I just love your new CD!  Every song is so full of hope, determination, respect, love and you.  And the music is wonderful too.”
Ginny Hildebrand, community organizer and singer/songwriter, Pittsburgh PA

“Oh, Jon Fromer! What a voice! Impeccable, elegant arrangements, well-written songs that go straight to your heart. How does he do it, time and time again, telling the truth with such grace and optimism, yet sparing us none of the complexity or pain? I love this man and I applaud his voice, his action, his truth!”
Aileen Vance, singer/songwriter, director Santa Cruz Peace Choir, Santa Cruz CA

“That title track sounds like an anthem for the age bitcoin apps philippines.  The expert musicianship, clear arrangements and clean production are also readily apparent and much appreciated. I look forward to many rewarding plays in the future. Thanks much!”
Mark Ottis, director, Ashland Community Choir, Ashland OR

“Jon is a great performer. He has a wonderful, rich voice with a roaring tenor range that he uses to great effect.  His guitar work is sophisticated, rhythmic and understated.  His energy and humility in performing situations has won him a very large and devoted following. He draws on a very diverse musical tradition and plays on the commercial edge of acoustic music.  I’m a fan and proud to know him.”
Charlie King, Conn



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